We service the latest solid-state and tube electronics as well as some of the oldest tube equipment you can get your hands on, from Ampeg to Zenith. We offer services from general maintenance and checkup to complete rebuild and modification. In addition to guitar and bass amplifiers, we service keyboards, pro audio gear, and pedals.

Regular Maintenance for Reliable Performance

Our general maintenance package is recommended once every year or as is necessary to maintain the reliability of your amplifier, mixer, or other device. Exposure to dust, dirt, vibration, and handling plays havoc on the circuitry of an amp and can cause a variety of issues to arise. During routine maintenance we address these issues by cleaning all the input and output jacks and control pots, and resoldering/reflowing solder joints as needed.  
In the case of the vacuum tube amp, we provide the invaluable service of cleaning and retensioning tube sockets and tube retainer clips, along with tube testing, retubing, and bias adjustment as appropriate. For solid-state amps, we will replace any dried thermal grease for your transistors or output devices.  Amps are power tested according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and shock-tested to flush out latent electromechanical issues.
We stock a variety of jacks, switches, preamp and output tubes, output ICs, and other various parts to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time on your simple fixes. 

Mods and Custom Work

Contact us with specifics for pricing and timelines on your special projects.
We are currently an authorized warranty service center for Fender, Line 6, Peavey, Gibson, Epiphone, KRK, Eden/Randall, SWR, B52, Marshall, Randall, Eden, and Harbinger with more soon to come.