Guitar Repair Pricing Guide – Setup and Maintenance

Set-up, Restring and Maintenance

Re-strings string install, oil board, stretch strings, tune to pitch and polish guitar.

With other work
Six String
Twelve String
Classical, Mandolin, or Banjo
Floyd Rose or locking tremolo


Set-ups include diagnostics, redressing and buffing frets, cleaning fret board, tightening hardware, restring, adjusting nut slots, truss rod adjustment, balancing tremolo, adjusting action, setting intonation, checking electronics, adjusting pick ups, detail and cleaning. Electro/acoustics get balance of output, and archtops have bridge located and taped.

Fret levelsinclude measuring and leveling frets, recrowning and redressing to a high polish.

w/ fret level
Hard Tails (Les Pauls, Teles)
4 string basses
Acoustic 6-strings
Classical Acoustics
Stratocaster style guitars
Guitars with Bigsbys
Guitars with truss adjustment needing neck removal
7-string electrics
5-string Basses Resonators
Locking Tremolo Guitars (Floyd Rose trems)
12-string guitars
Latin Instruments
6-string Basses
Jaguars & Jazzmasters
(includes shimming neck, taping bridge and HAN on saddles)
Rickenbacker Bass

Rickenbacker 6-string guitar
(includes glossing board)

Rickenbacker 12-strings
Steinburger Trans trem
Buzz Feiten Retrofit, most electrics
(set up included, add $29 for blanks)
Buzz Feiten Retrofit, most acoustics
(set up included, add $79 for blanks)

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  1. Andy says:

    Got recommended here by a friend since I don’t trust my local shop with my new guitar. What’s the turnaround time and cost on a set-up for a relatively new j-45?

  2. chris says:

    Set ups usually run 48-72 hours

  3. Don says:

    I have a Gibson ES 175 that fell on the jack input many years ago.
    Since that time a crack on either side of the jack as grown to almost a half inch on either side of the input. This guitar could use a set up as well. Can you give me a ball park figure for the cost of this repair. Also interested in the set up an an acoustic Epiphone Hummingbird.

  4. chris says:

    The ES175 side crack at the jack is an old favorite! The cost depends on the crack. I would say, sight unseen, look to spend $150-300 on the crack. Set ups on guitars usually run $55-65, and if they need a fret level/recrown and polish, add another $50.

  5. Stan says:

    Hi Chris, First, thanks for the great work on past guitars! I have a Martin OMC Aura with a loose peg-jack-input on its end. How much would it cost to tighten it?

  6. chris says:

    thanks for the good word. I wouldn’t charge you a dime and I can do it for you while you wait, as long as it is at our main Racine location.

  7. SD says:

    I’ve got a left-handed Seagull S6 that I want to convert into a right-handed. How complicated would this be/would you be able to do it?

  8. chris says:

    Depends on how far you want to take the right to left hand conversion. We can simply re-cut the existing nut and restring the guitar, but if you do that then the high strings will be sitting in very wide nut slots and that can make them ring strangely. That usually runs around $30 with a restring (plus parts). We can try to fit it with a new right handed pre-cut plastic nut and restring it and that is about $50 (plus parts).We can make you a new right handed nut from scratch to fit the guitar and that is $90 with restringing the guitar. The saddle will also be at the wrong angle (that is where the strings sit on the bridge). If you want to take it all the way, we can fill that slot and re-cut the saddle as well but that is getting pricey!. Most folks opt for having us cut a new nut and set up the guitar to play best as possible. That would run you about $130 plus strings and nut material (about $6 for a bone blank). Hope that helps!

  9. Alex Marshall says:

    I think it’s awesome that you offered the minor repair above at no cost and to do it for them right on the spot! I have a 2008 Custom 22 PRS with trem, how much would a full set up (no fret level) cost and does that include strings (I’m a fan of Cleartone’s)? Also, how long would that take?

  10. chris says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I was on vacation. It is usually around $55-65 for a set up on a PRS and no the strings are not included. We don’t stock the clear tones but we can get them for you if you like. If you already have a set, just bring them with you and we will put them on during the set up process (it is included in the price). Thanks!

  11. John Tillotson says:

    Hi Guys…….I’ve been to your place for work done at least four times…..also put a nice review for you on yelp. Now I need a set-up and new strings on a Epiphone Viola bass. It’s like brand new…….got it last summer…..played it for only a few minutes. How much for the set-up?

  12. chris says:

    Guitar or bass setup usually runs around $55-65 depending on condition. If you bring in the purchase receipt, I can give you a discount since it is so new.

  13. neal says:

    Hey guys!

    I need to bring my relatively new mim tele in for a set-up soon and I had a question for you. I’m thinking about changing over the tone knob of the tele to be a volume knob for the bridge pickup and having the general volume knob just be for the neck pickup. Any idea on the cost for something like that?

  14. chris says:

    Neal, That is a great idea if you never use the tone pot. We would need to rewire both pots but it will not be too much of an issue. Look to spend about $35 on the wiring and about $55 on a set up.

  15. Dustin says:

    I have a Big Baby Taylor and the action is really high. What should I expect to pay to adjust the action on it? I don’t need any other service, aside from probably some small truss rod adjustments.

  16. chris says:

    The guitar is probably a little dried out because of the harsh winter. It will more than likely need to be rehumidified and then have the neck reset and properly set up. It usually runs around $60.

  17. Dustin says:

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately the guitar has had really high action since I got it, about 3 years ago. Haven’t had an opportunity to take it to the doctor, but would that $60 include having it rehumidified and set up, including the action set and everything? Thanks again!

  18. chris says:

    Yes, it should include all of that. We may want to check the level of the frets as well when you bring it by.

  19. scott says:

    i am a drummer (non professional) I have inherited from my kids 1 basic fender electric and 1 acoustic guitar.
    does the Set-up, Restring and Maintenance include a basic set of strings or are strings extra. if so do you sell basic strings as i might not ever play either guitar but want set for others to play if needed. thanks

  20. chris says:

    Our price list is for labor only. A lot of guys like to bring in their own strings as they generally have a preference (just like you have a drum stick preference)! We do however, carry a good number of strings here at the shop so you can just get them from us if you like.

  21. Liz says:

    I recently purchased a new Luna 6 String Acoustic/electric guitar and need to have the action fixed. A friend of mine told me you guys are fantastic at what you do. I’m very new to playing the guitar, and know very little about set up, etc. is this necessary? The guitar already has strings, and sounds and looks wonderful. He told me to tell you to set it up, but that seems to be something separate from fixing the action. How much will it cost to fix the action and set it up if necessary?

  22. chris says:

    It is usually a good idea to have the guitar “set up” when it is new for a few reasons. It lets us put the action, neck and all the other components into a place that optimizes the way the guitar plays, that way, you know what it is supposed to be like. It also allows us to see if there are any factory defects in the guitar so it can be exchanged or repaired under the factory warranty. With a new guitar and a new player, we can put on strings and set the guitar to make it easier for you to play, thus making it more fun and making you more likely to practice a lot, which is how you get better! Looking at the guitar is free so if you just want us to let you know what we think, bring it by.

  23. Alex says:

    I’ve got an Epi Wilshire re-issue and I’d like to get the Buzz Feiten tuning system installed. How long does that usually take?

  24. chris says:

    Installing the BFTS usually runs about 5-7 business days. Making the nut and doing the setup doesn’t take too long but the strings need to stretch in for about 48 hours before we set the intonation points.

  25. Mike Shearer says:

    Hi – I have a Martin Limited Edition 000 Steve Miller – I’m the original owner. I had a seam crack on the front about 6 yrs ago and repaired, then I moved to the Chicago area. Since Ive been here I have played it very little as it just doesnt sound right. About two yrs ago the A string was making a drone sound, and I had it looked at – and spent a bundle on items (fret repairs) that I did know I needed. Droned less but still doesnt have the sound it should and I just dont play it. It seems too bright, still some droning sound, almost like the frequency is wavering – so I need help. Have you come across this before? Thnks for your time. Of course I would be more than happy to bring it in – if the info above isnt helpful, and or you think you can help.

  26. chris says:

    Thanks Mike,
    We would really want to take a good look at it to see if there is any easy solution. Do you feel like the guitar doesn’t sound like it used to? Generally,the orchestral sized guitars do have a more pianissimo sound and aren’t really known for their amplitude or bass response.

  27. Mike Shearer says:

    Thnks Chris. I’ll figure out a time to come in and see you – most likely a Saturday. The sound is pretty bright and much more so than I remember. It could be me and my ear – I just dont find it pleasant anymore. I do have substantial hearing lose in one ear – which may be the problem too. If you give it a listen and see no issue, them maybe its time to sell. Should I call before I come in?

  28. chris says:

    I don’t always work on Saturdays, but there is always a good service writer there. You can bring it in sany Saturday from 12-5 and I can always take a look at it on Monday. No call or appointment needed.

  29. Pran says:

    If I just ask to install different strings on my Ukulele, what disadvantage will I get? I would rather pay 15-25 dollars instead of 60, but what am I missing out on?

  30. chris says:

    Well Pran, most of the time, the ukulele only needs to be restrung if everything is in a close enough spot. There is so little tension on the neck and it is not even the most precise instrument in the world. Unless you are a professional, just restringing it should be fine, unless it is way out of whack!

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