Guitar Repair Pricing Guide – Electronics

Guitar Electronics – Repair Costs

General Maintenence & Modifications

Minimum bench fee or diagnosis
Clean electronics, top load (Strat style)
Clean electronics, back load (LP style)
Replace Potentiometer
One Pot
Two Pots
Three Pots
Four Pots
Replace Jack
Resolder Jack
Replace switch, Les Paul Style
Replace switch, Strat Style
Push/Pull pot installation
Each Additional
Total Rewire
Tap switch installation
Each Additional
Shield Guitar Cavity ($8 for material)

Electric Guitars


Pickup Installation
Pickup Installation on a Telecaster
Install Midi pick up
Removeable screw-in
With full permanent routing install
(does not include the cost of making backplates)
Install Fernandez Sustainer
(does not include the price of making backplates)
$175 and up
Wax Potting Pick ups (includes un/re install)
Each Additional
Repair/Rewind Pickups (w/ uninstall/reinstall)
Single Coil
EMG installation
1 pickup, 2 pots, jack & battery
2 pickup, 2 pots, jack & battery
3 pickup Strat or noiseless installation
Les Paul with 4 pots
Rout for Install
Flat Top body rout
Les Paul or Archtop body rout
Rout Pickguard
Rout Pickguard


Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic pick up install
With Setup
Undersaddle installation
+$45 w/ setup
K&K installation
+$45 w/ setup
K&K Trinity installation
+$60 w/ setup
Banjo or Mandolin pickup installation
includes setup
Sound hole pick up installation
+$30 w/ setup
Ribbon transducer install
+$55 w/ setup
Install On-board acoustic pick up system
Taylor ES Replacement (full)

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  1. chris says:

    They will call you from Guitar Center when it is done. Unless there are some complicating factors, expect a call in about 4 business days.

  2. Robbie English says:

    Please help!!! I have a 1990s model Les Paul bass with Bartolini humbuckers and built-in preamp. The preamp no longer works and needs to be replaced. This is a beatiful sounding bass when it’s working,and I have a lot invested.can even repair myself if you could get me the right parts. Thanks for your attn. Gibson pointed me in your direction.

  3. chris says:

    Robbie, Can you get me a photo of the preamp? Most of the time, the Bartolini preamps are epoxy coated so you can’t repair them, you must replace them. I just need to see a picture to point you in the right direction. Send me a photo at

  4. Tom Gehr says:

    I have a Japanese made Fender Strat I inherited from my brother, and would like to have a set of Fralin Blues Special pickups put in along with an electronics check to see if anything needs to be replaced and/or upgraded. Fralin web site lists you as a dealer. What are your costs for the set?

  5. chris says:

    That is a fantastic guitar and the Fralins will sound great. I have a lat 80s Japanese Strats and it is one of my favorite guitars. The Fralins are $250 a set and we charge $65 to install. The pots and switch on those guitars can leave a little bit to be desired. We can just do some cleaning and tightening or we can replace them with CTS or Bourne pots and a nicer cap for the tone pot as well as a CRL switch. It just depends on how far you want to go and what you want to spend. A total rewire would run about $150 plus parts. The parts would run between $38.50 and $75 depending on what kind of parts you want.

  6. i have severalbasses,2 Laklands & a Ibanez SR405 Soundgear.It has good action & straight neck,but I’m not happy with the Stock Pick Ups & Pre Amp.I want something with alittle more Higher Output & Thicker Tone with just a touch of “Growl”,like the Musicman Exposed Pole Humbuckers.It has 2 Soap Bar PU’s & I don’t know if MusicMan PU’s would actually fit,but I was thinking some sort of Exposed Pole OR some sort of High Output Soap Bar Humbuckers with an Aguilar Pre.How much would something like that cost(a Pr. of PU’s & Aguilar Pre).Thanks. Clif “Bassclif”-3one2 Purchase & Download the Debut CD “Sculpture In Time” by 3one2 now available on iTunes,Amazon mp3,Spotify Just Added to Our New

  7. chris says:

    There are no exposed coil humbuckers I know of that will drop into that, so yes, you would need to rout that guitar. You may be able to get the same kind of growl with simply using a passive pickup with the Aguilar. Bartolini makes a bunch of really good passive pickups that have a punchy output. I would imagine you would look at around $225 in labor (most of that for routing the guitar), and around $400 for the parts maybe a little less.

  8. Andy says:

    I have a Gibson J45 with installed LR Baggs Element undersaddle pickup. I am wanting to upgrade it to an LR Baggs iMix, and I read on an LR Baggs forum that dealers (which I think you guys are) can order the iMix components minus the element and do an installation/upgrade using my current element pickup plus the new iMix bridgepate pickup and preamp/stereo mixer.

    Is this something you guys do, and if so what is the rate and turnaround time on an installation. Thanks in advance!

  9. chris says:

    Sure Andy, we can do that no problem. i don’t stock that part so I would need to order it from Baggs. I believe the cost is around $230 maybe a pinch less minus the pickup. I am assuming you want the one that mounts internally as opposed to the one that requires a hole cut in the body. Turn around time should be about 5-7 days since I would need to order the part. The installation is pretty quick and painless, should run you about $60.

  10. Ricky Fulbright says:

    I have a Burwood lead guitar and I need to replace the audio jack. It’s a great sounding guitar but I don’t know how it broke or if I even did but I tried two ac cords and both didn’t work but they worked on my bass. I think maybe I set it down wrong or something. Please Help!!!

  11. chris says:

    Sorry Rick ,but I would really need to see the guitar to tell you what is wrong with it. I imagine one of the leads came loose from the jack.

  12. Alejandro says:

    I have a Squier vintage modified jaguar and was wondering how much to route the body to install a tremolo?

  13. Ricky Fulbright says:

    Alright man ill try and take a pic of it and my buddy said that the pick ups might be messed up

  14. chris says:

    Doesn’t that already have a Jaguar style tremolo??

  15. Mak says:

    The website says it costs $65 to install 3 pickups. Is this for all guitars? I have an HSH Ibanez with a floyde rose tremolo and pickguard. I want to replace all the pickups with a Steve Vai set of Dimarzios. Would it still cost me $65 dollars?

  16. chris says:

    Yep, that is $65 for any normal guitar like the Ibanez HSH. Some guitars are a little more (like a Tele or an Explorer which requires you to remove the strings completely to access the pickup cavity), and any normal set of passive pickups.

  17. Joe says:

    How much would it cost to have a Fender Mid-Boost Circuit installed in a Strat?

  18. chris says:

    Installing the Mid Boost in a Strat like the Eric Clapton guitar requires the body be routed out under the pickguard to fit the circuit board. The three pots must also be installed. The install is $150 plus the part unless you already have it.

  19. john says:

    i have a hofner violn bass ignition that is having intonation problems i also have a squire p bass that needs rewiring how much would it cost to fix both

  20. chris says:

    Sorry your comment got dropped into spam for some reason! Sounds like the Hofner needs a set up and wiring on a P bass is pretty easy. Probably look to spend around $100 for both if that is all that is going on.

  21. Karynn says:

    Hey, I’m trying to surprise my boyfriend by repairing two of his favorite guitars, but I have no idea where to begin! One of them is a Squire by Fender and I know it needs new pickups and strings. The other is a Jasmine by Takamine, and it needs a new tuning peg. I was just wondering if you could give me an estimate on how much, and maybe a recommendation on where to go to get them repaired. Thanks 😀

  22. chris says:

    Are you located in the Chicagoland area? You can shoot me an email to if you want to discuss guitar repair further!

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