Orange Amplifier Repair

We offer a competitive service at a competitive price. With a name like Third Coast, we had better be on our game. We service the latest solid-state and tube electronics as well as some of the oldest tube equipment you can get your hands on, from Ampeg to Zenith. We offer services from general maintenance and checkup to complete rebuild and modification.

Our department is always growing to provide more services to you the customer. We are currently an authorized warranty service center for Fender, Line 6, Peavey, Gibson, Epiphone, KRK, Eden/Randall, SWR, B52, Marshall, Randall, Eden, and Harbinger with more soon to come. Our technicians have serviced well over 100 different brand names of amplifiers, mixers, pedals, keyboards, rack effects, microphones, stereo receivers, and other various pieces of equipment.

1970's Farfisa repair

1970’s Farfisa repair

Our general maintenance package is recommended once every year or as is necessary to maintain the reliability of your amplifier, mixer, or other device. Exposure to dust, dirt, vibration, and handling plays havoc on the circuitry of an amp causing intermittent issues to arise. We start to address these issues by cleaning your input and output jacks, resoldering them when necessary. We then do the same for all switches and controls, to minimize intermittent problems and scratchy sounds while adjusting your sound on the fly. In the case of the vacuum tube amp, we provide the invaluable service of cleaning and retensioning tube sockets and tube retainer clips. For solid-state amps, we will replace any dried thermal grease for your transistors or output devices.

Bad Capacitors

Bad Capacitors

Your vintage amp is due to have its capacitors changed at about 35 years of age or earlier in some cases. Capacitors will either open up with time or short out in some cases, especially after long rests between uses (such as your amp being stored in a closet or basement for years). Many other common problems arise in vintage amps, such as AC cable issues, tube socket issues, burned out lights or tubes, burned out balancing resistors, or issues with the reverb tank circuitry.

Sprague and F&T Capacitors

Sprague and F&T Capacitors

We pride ourselves in providing a thorough service, which greatly increases the likelihood of finding any problems which may arise in the near future use of your amplifier. In order to find issues that have developed in the operation of your amplifier or other device, we thoroughly test all controls and all of the operating features of your unit. We also offer the service of power testing and physical shock testing of your amplifier under loaded conditions, which simulates onstage use and road conditions.

We have the equipment and capability in the shop to test amplifiers down to 1Ω and up to 12,000 Watts at once, so we can test multiple power amps at the same time. We stock a variety of jacks, switches, preamp and output tubes, output ICs, and other various parts to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time on your simple fixes. We love doing mods and prototyping to suit our customers’ needs. With three skilled amp technicians in house, you can be sure your gear is in good hands.


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